Mystery 奧・秘
Mystery 奧・秘
Mystery 奧・秘
Mystery 奧・秘
Mystery 奧・秘
Mystery 奧・秘
Mystery 奧・秘

Mystery 奧・秘

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“You are the mystery itself, which can never be puzzled.”

Mystery itself is always fascinating, just like you. The one who’s always worth exploring for.

Our Mystery collection would make you even mysterious.

Gorgeous Deep-V design with Miscanthus pattern, tempting in a subtle way.

And what really surprise you would be the unique backless design with three strings to highlight the sexy back side. Can’t help but wonder what would happen when the string is held.

Yet tonight no string at all, just embrace the mystery.

Given that you can’t solve it, but at least can get a closer look on it.



Mystery 奧‧秘系列,燃起每個最神秘的時刻


然而當微微的deep V 設計,加上優雅的芒草刺繡設計,陡地讓整個美感加入一點深度,




“Be who you truly are, deep down inside. And that’s how a rebellion begin.”



-Bad on Bed


Size Details:

How the Size Fit You:

Length: 74 cm

Bust: 66 cm (Adjustable)

Waist: 64 cm

Thong width: 60 cm (Adjustable)


長度:74 cm

下胸圍:66 cm (可自行調節)

腰圍:64 cm

內褲腰圍:60 cm (可自行調節)

Angel in Details

    • 90% Polyester 10% Gauze
    • light texture, make your skin feel like home
    • unique bodysuit design, outline the curve in the perfect way
    • embossed Lounge adjustable straps
    • no cups, no padding
    • adjustable hook attachment