Pollen 花・塵系列
Pollen 花・塵系列
Pollen 花・塵系列

Pollen 花・塵系列

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“Your pollen, make them fallen for good.”

Being fallen is not a bad thing, as long as you know what your are falling for. 

Our Pollen collection can be one of the reasons.

Lace is always the sauce of temptation. You can never go wrong with that.

The whole sexy curve is shown entirely in an elegant way.

Plus the bow design on back, make the naked back more glamorous in a girly way.

Take a bow and spread your pollen tonight, make everyone fallen.



Pollen 花‧塵系列,讓每個人都甘願為妳而沉淪





“Make every temptation as if the first temptation.”



-Bad on Bed


Size Details

How the Size Fit You:

Length: 62 cm

Bust: 78 cm (Adjustable)

Waist: Flexible

Thong width: 60 cm (Adjustable)


長度:62 cm

下胸圍:78 cm (可自行調節)


內褲腰圍:60 cm (可自行調節)

Angel in Details

    • 90% Polyester 10% Gauze
    • light texture, make your skin feel like home
    • unique lace design, make your attraction transparent
    • embossed Lounge adjustable straps
    • no cups, no padding
    • thong attached, which make sexiness completed
    • adjustable hook attachment