Silky 絲的哲學
Silky 絲的哲學
Silky 絲的哲學
Silky 絲的哲學
Silky 絲的哲學
Silky 絲的哲學

Silky 絲的哲學

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“Soft like silk. Melt his heart, also your skin as well.”

Silk does for the skin just like what diamonds do for the hand.

Luxury for the eyes, and the body as well.

That’s our Silky collection. Make you feel the comfort and charm just like silk.

Two pieces design with simple deep-v design. Naughty in a bright way.

And white is always the purest colour. Together, they are perfect.



Silky 絲的哲學系列,讓妳如絲般溫柔動人





“In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Or you are the world already.”



-Bad on Bed


Size Details:

How the Size Fit You:

Top length: 31 cm

Bust: 70-78 cm (Adjustable)

Waist: 60-100 cm (Flexible)

Shorts width: 29 cm


上衣長度:31 cm

下胸圍:70-78 cm (具彈性)

腰圍:60-100 cm (可自行調節)

短褲長度:29 cm

Angel in Details

    • 95% Polyester 5% Gauze
    • light texture, make your skin feel like home
    • top and shorts separated, casual in a sexy way
    • embossed Lounge adjustable straps
    • no cups, no padding
    • adjustable hook attachment