Taboo 禁・忌
Taboo 禁・忌
Taboo 禁・忌
Taboo 禁・忌
Taboo 禁・忌

Taboo 禁・忌

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“Look at me. And never forget as that will be your taboo, since tonight.”

When you’re forbidden to do something, actually you’d be more crave for it.

And that’s our Taboo collection: Too gorgeous to handle. Using line as the main design elements, come across the chest and waist, luring you to wonder what that line would lead you to. And then you would probably can’t help but being distracted by the lace lower part, barely covering the thin thong.

If having you would be a taboo, then let it be.



Taboo 禁‧忌系列,觸碰每個最敏感的時刻,從此視禁忌如無物






“Be who you truly are, deep down inside. And that’s how a rebellion begin.”



-Bad on Bed


How the Size Fit You:

Length: 52 cm

Bust: 72 cm (Adjustable)

Waist: 64 cm

Thong width: 60 cm (Adjustable)


長度:52 cm

下胸圍:72 cm (可自行調節)

腰圍: 64 cm

內褲腰圍:60 cm (可自行調節)

Angel in Details

    • 90% Polyester 10% Nylon
    • light texture, make your skin feel like home
    • unique outline design, outline the curve in the perfect way
    • embossed Lounge adjustable straps
    • no cups, no padding
    • thong attached, which make sexiness completed
    • adjustable hook attachment